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Funciones a conversiones

10-Oct-2021 15:15
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Ponga un ejemplo más fácil de funciones a conversiones.

Pues me confunde un poco el listado.

// Write a C-program that converts metric measurements to imperial system values.
// Measurements are provided to your program in meters, grams or degrees Celsius
// and must be converted to feet, pounds and degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.

// Here are the conversion rules to use:
//  1 meter = 3.2808 feet;
//  1 gram = 0.002205 pounds;
//  temperature in degrees Fahrenheit = 32 + 1.8 × temperature in degrees Celsius.

// On the first input line you are given the number of conversions to be made.
// Each of the following lines contains a value to be converted as well as its unit:
// m, g or c (for meters, grams or degrees Celsius). There will be a space between
// the number and the unit. You should print your output value for each input line
// immediately after calculating it (ie, you do not have to wait until you have
// read all inputs).

// Display the converted values with 6 decimal places, followed by a space and their unit:
// ft, lbs or f (for feet, pounds or degrees Fahrenheit). Each conversion result should
// be printed on its own line, and you should store and display all decimal values as doubles.

#include <stdio.h>

double convertToFeet(double);
double convertToPounds(double);
double convertToFahrenheit(double);

int main(void) {
 int numConversions, i;
 double value;
 char unit;
 char meters = 'm';
 char grams = 'g';
 scanf("%d", &numConversions);
 for (i=0; i<numConversions; i++) {
   scanf("%lf %c", &value, &unit);
   if (unit == meters) {
     printf("%lf ft\n", convertToFeet(value));
   } else if (unit == grams) {
     printf("%lf lbs\n", convertToPounds(value));
   } else {
     printf("%lf f\n", convertToFahrenheit(value));
 return 0;

double convertToFeet(double value) {
 return value * 3.2808;

double convertToPounds(double value) {
 return value * .002205;

double convertToFahrenheit(double value) {
 return 32 + 1.8 * value;

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